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Flower game
A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this "American Native Flowers" Scramble Squares® puzzle, being introduced this summer, will be donated to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Exquisite, award winning Scramble Squares® brain teaser puzzles for ages 4 to 104 are at least as popular with adults, seniors, teenagers and college students as they are with children. Although each Scramble Squares® puzzle has only nine 4" x 4" pieces, Scramble Squares® puzzles are Perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle™!

CONTACT: Marshall Gavin
(310) 374-3000

REDONDO BEACH, CA -March 12, 2004 - b. dazzle, inc. of Redondo Beach, California, has announced that it has reached an agreement with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, Texas, to produce native plant-inspired puzzles. This collaboration has already resulted in the "American Native Flowers" Scramble Squares® puzzle being introduced by b. dazzle, inc. at the 2004 Summer wholesale gift trade shows held throughout the United States.

The Wildflower Center is working with b. dazzle to develop Scramble Squares® puzzles based on native plants and wildflowers of North America. Each wildflower puzzle will carry the Center's logo, as well as educational information about the plants depicted and the role they play environmentally.

Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson and the late actress Helen Hayes founded the Wildflower Center in 1982. With members in the United States and Canada, it is the premier organization in North America dedicated to promoting the importance of native plants in the environment. Other recent Wildflower Center Licensees in its expanding licensing program include HK Insights (home fragrances and personal care products) and Native American Seed (wildflower seeds). Hinson & Company, New York, launched a major new collection of wildflower-inspired wallpaper and Fabrics in the Fall of 2003.

"We are thrilled to be working with the Wildflower Center and very gratified that we will be contributing to their good work in such things as research, conservation and restoration--- which impacts all of North America," says Kathie Gavin, president & ceo of b. dazzle, inc.

Exquisite, award winning Scramble Squares® brain teaser puzzles for ages 4 to 104 are at least as popular with adults, seniors, teenagers and college students as they are with children. Although each Scramble Squares® puzzle has only nine 4" x 4" pieces, Scramble Squares® puzzles are Perhaps the World's Most Challenging Puzzle™! At less than $10.00 retail, Scramble Squares® puzzles make inexpensive, but highly entertaining and valued gifts for both men and women alike... for Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, get well, graduation, travel and holidays. Scramble Squares® puzzles are Easy To Play, But Hard To Solve!™

More than one hundred exquisite styles of colorful original art are available on nature, sports, history, culture, geography, science, technology, occupations, fantasy, gourmet hobbies and activities. Fourteen new styles of Scramble Squares® puzzles were introduced in January. New styles are added approximately every six months. The suggested retail price for a Scramble Squares® puzzle is $7.95 each. Store displays come complete with the unique Scramble Squares® "5-Minute Challenge™" in store free puzzle giveaway promotion!

Gavin founded b. dazzle in 1994. The 11th Annual report of the Institute for Childhood Resources in San Francisco named Scramble Squares® puzzles as among "Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products" of 2003 and also one of "Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products of the Year" for the second consecutive year. At least as popular with adults, seniors, teenagers and college students as they are with children, Scramble Squares® puzzles have also been selected by GAMES magazine, having a total circulation of 407,340, as one of the "100 BEST GAMES." Scramble Squares® puzzles were awarded the January, 2004 "Chicago's Choice Awards," presented once a year during the January Chicago Gift & Home Market to acknowledge distinctive products and product lines exhibited at the Chicago Gift & Home Market at the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

In 1996, Learning magazine selected Scramble Squares® as The Best Educational Game in its "Product Picks for Math." Scramble Squares® teaches:
o Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills o Patience o Perseverance o Statistical Probabilities o Cooperative and Solitary Productivity

Scramble Squares® also helps maintain mental agility, sharpness and memory in seniors and adults, while providing hours of quiet and stimulating entertainment. The nine 4" square puzzle pieces of a Scramble Squares® puzzle are easy for seniors to hold and easy to see, yet Scramble Squares® puzzles are as challenging as a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, but without the little pieces to lose or the mess all over the table.

b. dazzle provides a free 24" x 36" full color "WIN A FREE PUZZLE" promotional poster to any store offering its customers the Scramble Squares® "5-MINUTE CHALLENGE.™" Retailers can give a free Scramble Squares® puzzle to any customer who accepts the challenge and successfully solves the nine piece Scramble Squares® demonstration puzzle within five minutes. b. dazzle promptly replaces the stores' puzzles awarded to consumers at no cost to the merchants. b. dazzle's permanent wood counter, floor and slat wall displays each feature a demonstration puzzle on an interactive playing surface with an electronic timer to time consumers in the 5-MINUTE CHALLENGE.™ b. dazzle also offers a free, very compact, corrugated counter spinner display, including the timer and poster, with the purchase of any 72 Scramble Squares® puzzles in any quantity per style.

Our company’s mission is to produce a wide range of beautiful, wholesome, entertaining and informative gifts for under $10.00 retail for all ages of adults and children that can be selected by style to appeal to the personal interests of the gift recipient ," says b. dazzle founder, puzzle designer, president & CEO, Kathie Gavin.

For further information, contact Kathie Gavin at b. dazzle inc., 500 Meyer Lane, Redondo Beach, California 90278. The telephone, fax, e-mail and web site numbers are, Phone: (310) 374-3000; Fax: (310) 318-6692; E-mail: info@b-dazzle.com; World Wide Web Site: http://www.b-dazzle.com.

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