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REDONDO BEACH, CA...November 5, 2003... b. dazzle, inc. of Redondo Beach, California,has announced that Creative Child Magazine, a magazine focused on nurturing creativityin children, has awarded b. dazzle's Color 'n Seek™ hidden pictures coloringactivities the Creative Child Magazine "Seal of Excellence Award" for 2003.

CreativeChild Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that provides parents with the latestinformation on how to nurture their child's creativity. With departments suchas "Kids at Play," "Health and Safety," "Discovering Creativity," "NurturingTalent" and "Tomorrow's Child - Investing for Your Child's Future," CreativeChild Magazine is the most complete parenting publication for raising well-balancedchildren. Creative Child Magazine began in 1998 as a regional parenting publicationin southern California. This month the publication expanded to a national audienceand will be available at major retail stores and newsstands throughout the UnitedStates.

Color ’n Seek™ from b.dazzle, inc. is the only poster art available withhidden pictures and educational word association. Children from 4 years old toadultswill be fascinated for hours by the challenge of coloring the Color ’nSeek™ posters’ picturesand seeking the images hidden within each poster’s overall design. The Color ’nSeek™ Portfolio Gift Set is a value unmatched in the craft & hobby market, withsix 11" x 17" 100 lb. paper stock posters and six markers for only $8.95 suggestedretail! Fourteen styles of hidden picture posters are available in 2-poster flatpack sets with eight non-toxic, water soluable marker pens per set, for a suggestedretail price of only $6.95. 2-2-2/ COLOR’ N SEEK™ HIDDEN PICTURES COLORINGACTIVITIES

Color ’nSeek™ encourages confidence building, positive reinforcement and personalrecognition among market artists by encouraging them to "keep score" of theircoloring and seeking achievements by coloring in the corresponding words on theposter’s border that describe the images hidden within the poster’s overall design.Color ’n Seek™ teaches concept recognition and association, personal resourcefulness,spelling, design form and color coordination…all at very affordable prices.b. dazzle, inc. is also the manufacturer of the enormously popular ScrambleSquares® brainteaser puzzles for ages 4 to 104, which are as popular with adults, seniors,teenagers and college students as they are with children. Although each ScrambleSquares® puzzle has only nine 4” x 4” pieces, Scramble Squares® puzzles are Perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle™!

"Our company’s mission is to produce a wide range of beautiful, wholesome, entertainingand informative gifts for under $10.00 retail for all ages of adults and childrenthat can be selected by style to appeal to the personal interests of the recipient," says b. dazzle founder, graphic designer, president & CEO, Kathie Gavin.

For further information, contact Kathie Gavin at b. dazzle inc., 500 Meyer Lane, Redondo Beach, California 90278. The telephone, fax, e-mail and web site numbers are, Phone: (310) 374-3000; Fax: (310) 318-6692; E-mail: info@b-dazzle.com; World Wide Web Site: http://www.b-dazzle.com.

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